David Coveney


All the posts below were written in November, 2005.

29 November, 2005


Had my yellow fever jab today, and it turns out that that pretty much brings me up to date. Malaria tablets I get from the chemist’s (Boots in this case). I believe Maleron is the name of one of the better tablets. I can’t say that the jab hurt much at all, but added to […]

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16 November, 2005

Travel with Jeremy Hardy

No really – it’s a possibility. In Paris there’s an anglophone music and comedy promoter with the wonderful name of Karel Beer. He runs the Anything Matters website to promote his Laughing Matters and Music Matters shows. Absolutely top bloke, and he manages to bring to Paris some of the best English speaking comedy that’s […]

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15 November, 2005

It’s happening!

At last – got the tickets booked for Peru. It feels like it’s all about to happen now. Of course, one of the problems with going away for a long trip is that home life is suddenly put on hold. I’m trying to set up a business here, and leaving it all hanging for two […]

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14 November, 2005

Jabs, bookings and planning for Peru

Well, finally, the whole Peru and South America trip is coming together. By the end of today I’ll have the flights booked, including a return three day stopover in New York. You might ask why I’m going via New York when there are slightly easier and more direct routes from Spain – but for the […]

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7 November, 2005


Hi there – well, where do I start? Let’s just say this isn’t intended to be a daily blog or journal of my life. I really really don’t think that what I do is quite that interesting. If I start posting up anything that says “Not done much today, had a drink with Roger and […]

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