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Travel with Jeremy Hardy

No really – it’s a possibility.

In Paris there’s an anglophone music and comedy promoter with the wonderful name of Karel Beer. He runs the Anything Matters website to promote his Laughing Matters and Music Matters shows. Absolutely top bloke, and he manages to bring to Paris some of the best English speaking comedy that’s around. Eddie Izzard’s obsession with doing gigs in France started through Karel – that’s how influential the bloke is.

And on the 21st and 22nd of November Jeremy Hardy is doing a gig. His partner can’t make it and now there’s a spare Eurostar ticket going free. Take it and you may well find yourself sitting next to the eloquent and funny Mr Hardy. Just go to the website and get in touch.

So there you go – if you’re a Hardy stalker you can now, possibly, get close to him for a good couple of hours or until he calls the guards, whichever comes first.

So far as the South America trip is concerned, not a lot of progress today. I’ve learned that you can buy DEET type tablets to put in your washing, so that your clothes will repel the mosquitos. There’s also various other things I need to get for avoiding the mozzies (and they do love the taste of my blood) including a net, spray and so on. Malaria you can be immunised against by following the right regime, but there’s no protection from dengue fever and it’s worth taking the risks seriously.

I now need to work out key locations to visit in southern Peru, Chile and Argentina. If there’s still time I’ll visit Brasil but I’m not going to bust a gut to do so. Like good wine, travel is best savoured slowly. Unless I’m driving – then I enjoy gorging myself like a glutton :o)

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