David Coveney


Had my yellow fever jab today, and it turns out that that pretty much brings me up to date. Malaria tablets I get from the chemist’s (Boots in this case). I believe Maleron is the name of one of the better tablets.

I can’t say that the jab hurt much at all, but added to the wisdom tooth extraction I went through yesterday and the various drugs I’ve taken in preparation and for pain relief it’s all left me feeling pretty tired and jaded.

At the weekend I went to Dublin to see Geraldine and John (who are the happy couple that are marrying in Peru) and it was nice to catch up with them and some of the others from Paris that will be travelling in Peru. We didn’t really get much of the planning done that we hoped for, but I was disappointed that more people didn’t seem to want to hike to Machu Pichu along the Inca Trail although it was pointed out that as we’ll be there during the rainy season it may not be that clever an idea. However, I’ll set up a mailing list for everyone and hopefully we can get some good consensus going.

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