David Coveney


Right – this is a posting from Paracas. Not had much time to post, and even now I only have half an hour before I’m expected to rejoin the group. Not exactly pricey though – it’s 1 soles for half an hour, which adds up to the almighty cost of 16p. I’m coming to the conclusion that the Peruvians aren’t poor because they’re exploited or lazy or uneducated or anything – in fact they come across as intelligent, industrious and eager. No, the real reason they’re skint is because they’ve no concept of the value of money. Our laundry for four people has just come to a little of two pounds….

Of course, this cafe isn’t the most amazing – tiny desks, a cranky keyboard, marenge music blasting out and an ancient Dell Optiplex. Now I know where those old corporate PCs end up.

So – Lima. It’s a bit grimy, but hey, it’s a third world capital. The taxis are mostly these tinny Daewoo Ticos driven by wonderfully optimistic drivers who beep at anyone who looks like they might be tired and in need of a lift. It’s 10 Soles to most city destinations, 15 Soles if it’s across town or at night. 7 Soles if it’s in the same district, and 5 Soles anywhere reasonably close. Other prices don’t seem to exist.

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