David Coveney

La Cucaracha!

Sounds kinda sweet in the song.

But not when one of the b*stard things turns up on your neck. And talk about big… I’ve seen plenty in France and Spain, but this one looked capable of carrying off a small child.

Giant ant-eater - funniest animal in the jungle, but watch out for those claws!Other wildlife I’ve met today includes a gian ant-eater. Comedy looks and big wet nose, but it used its claws on me so I’d get the hell out of its way. I’m just glad I was wearing jeans and not shorts. Then there was the tapir, a jaguar, assorted monkeys… all rescued by an animal sanctuary and all animals that people had tried and failed to keep as pets. Frankly, I can kind of understand the tapir – it’s funny and gentle. But the rest could easily be a liability.

And small monkeys… why do they always appear to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

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