David Coveney


I thought a handy idea would be to carry some samplers of aftershave. Then if I wanted to smell nice I could just use that. Small and light.

These samples tend to come in small glass vials.

And in a rucksack, small glass vials aren’t so clever. They were safely inside my washbag, but sadly I didn’t notice they’d broken and several pieces fell out onto the bathroom floor. Eventually they found my foot. I just thought I’d stood on a stone.

Now, people have questioned my bringing a first aid kit, but it was damn handy for cleaning up the wound and disinfecting, so once the blood was stopped there was no further pain or infection.

Jungle trees - sharper than they look, though this one was ok, actually.Other blood letting, caused today, was when I patted a tree to say something about trees. I never knew palm trees sometimes came with sharp spines. I thought I’d slapped some fire ants or something, but no… it was the damn tree. Gonna be more careful what I pat from now on.

This is probably my last post until at least Sunday night, so don’t worry about the silence!

Oh, and in just a week’s time I’ll be in New York for a very different, and much colder, experience. Then a week Monday I get home. And I’ll be about ready I reckon….

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