David Coveney


This was the primary reason for coming here! And hey, it rocked. As the bilingual service started I realised the priest had an obvious and clear Dublin accent. Turned out to be known to the extensive family network of John, the guy getting married.

You could see a slight tenderness in John’s steps as he walked into the church – he’d failed to take account of the tropical sunshine and been badly burned on the feet. Poor guy was blistered to hell and looked like he’d been paddling in boiling oil. Still, he recovered just enough to wear shoes to the wedding. Even did a top dance at the reception. Geraldine looked lovely, as brides are supposed to….

Reception – no speeches! Just the dance with John and Geraldine where he removed about five garters. These were then passed to various couples in the group including the father and mother. Kind of interesting to see the former chief of the military in Peru pushing a garter up the leg of his wife, though he had at least changed out of his military outfit worn for the wedding service.

Once that was done the dancing started and the drink flowed…. which moves us on to del Carajo….

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