David Coveney

Hotel Lost

Zgubilismy sie i to jak gupki. Wysiadajac z taksowki w pospiechu, nie wzielismy wizytowki i teraz siedzimy w kafejce szukajac adresu naszego hotelu.

When a large group goes out together it’s inevitable that the group splits into small units. Myself and Romana went off in search of a backpack but neither of us checked if the other one knew where our hotel was. But that’s ok, a taxi driver’s bound to know where it is. Er…. No! So anyway, a cheerful day of ambling around, trying to explain what we wanted in ridiculously non-existant Spanish (asking for food or a taxi is one thing, trying to buy a sleeping bag liner or rucksack is an entirely different proposition…) and, basically, quite enjoying being lost. It’s not so bad.

Eventually the internet and a friendly tour guide rescued us. So it’s not all bad :o)

The taxis here are great comedy if you feel brave. These little optimistic looking Daewoo Ticos drive around hoping to pick up lifts. They’re very cheap and cheerful, largely unlicensed, and are probably more dangerous to your health than the muggers and and thieves that everyone keeps worrying about.

Oh – a handy tip – the Nationwide building society offers free cash withdrawals worldwide.

So don’t do like I did and, on the first day, leave it sticking out of a cash machine. Thankfully I have at least four other credit and debit cards so I should be pretty safe….

So just two days in, one lost debit card, and two lost tourists…. We’re in trouble!

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