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27 March, 2008

He Used to Look So Babyfaced

Poor old Pete Doherty – drugs, partying and too many pies seem to have taken their toll. He used to look so babyfaced…

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20 October, 2007

Are Muslims the New Jews?

A lot of the Middle East is progressive, modern and sophisticated. You have freedoms and rights, life is good and so on. Yet some selective reporting does a fair bit of damage to the image we have of them. If you saw such selective views of the West, we wouldn’t look good either.I was a […]

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4 August, 2007

What Birds Are Saying

I must be having a creative spurt or something. Another one for b3ta. Oh, and ta to Douglas Adams for the original basis of the idea (I think it was in So Long and Thanks for all the Fish), and to my friend and colleague James Whitehead for additional inspiration.

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29 July, 2007

Being a b3tard…

I have a thing about the b3ta.com site. It keeps me tickled in those quiet moments. The fact they mentioned my botfly incident in their newsletter meant this site’s traffic and ranking improved a fair bit for a while, and occassionally I post answers to the question of the week spot. A couple have made […]

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