David Coveney


All the posts below were written in June, 2007.

20 June, 2007

Anglesey Sprint, 9th-10th of June 2007

Yes, this really is my first event of the year! It won’t be my last, but sadly business and finances have to take a priority and it’s unlikely I’ll be doing much sprinting this season. I’ll do the odd track-day, however, to keep my eye in. And it didn’t really go well – at a […]

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7 June, 2007

Reducing Nokia N95 GPRS Map Charges

I’ve been thinking about buying a Nokia N95 – lovely looking phone. Anyway, thanks to the wonders of Norlog I’ve got hold of a document that helps you to make sure that if you want to use the Satellite Navigation you won’t get hit by heavy roaming charges. It describes how to set up the […]

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