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All the posts below were written in November, 2006.

26 November, 2006

Rocking in Paris

I spend… oooh, lots of time in Paris. Yet I’ve never actually quite got round to writing about it on this site. Why not? Good question. Perhaps because it’s a little personal. I’ve lived there, loved there, and so on. To talk about it in depth may reveal me more to the world at large. […]

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24 November, 2006

When Your Mic Breaks, Improvise!

Sometimes you record a great hillclimb run (this one up Loton Park) only to find a technical glitch has spoilt the recording. So if that’s the case, you must improvise….

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23 November, 2006

Car Games

Car stunts have never had the flash factor of motorbikes…now it’s changed! It’s a viral, but good… here’s the two that have been done so far:

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15 November, 2006

Outcycling a Police Car!

Some cyclists are incredible – even the criminally insane ones….

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13 November, 2006

Comments Change

As a result of the increasing number of comments coming in, and being increasingly busy myself, I’ve decided that I’ll no longer manually manage comments to entries on this site. A lot of the comments were spam – comment spam as it’s known. Sometimes as many as fifty in a day. These spammers will, I […]

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8 November, 2006

Caterham at Oulton

Rather liked this video. Not so much for the driving, which is perfectly fine if not especially edgy, but the telemetry on-screen. I want a system like this! Does anyone know who makes it? PS. I wasn’t paying attention and titled this as Donington. Now corrected to show Oulton but I’ve left the path the […]

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7 November, 2006

Showing how easy it is to do what Autotrader do…

Autotrader sell websites for free, if you sell enough vans through them, but the design isn’t great and you can integrate your shop quite easily anyway… look:

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4 November, 2006


Racing on a budget…

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