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As a result of the increasing number of comments coming in, and being increasingly busy myself, I’ve decided that I’ll no longer manually manage comments to entries on this site.

A lot of the comments were spam – comment spam as it’s known. Sometimes as many as fifty in a day. These spammers will, I hope, be first against the wall come the revolution! They waste our time and resources.

However, a lot of the comments – especially with the Catherine Tate show coming out, have been genuine too. I had to manually check each comment to make sure it wasn’t spam and then approve it.

So… I’ve installed an anti-spam plug-in now. It should allow me to make the site more open and more dynamic. You should be able to comment and see it immediately on the website. If not, it may be because it appears to be spam. Putting lots of links in will have this effect, for example. Swear words and so on may also trigger the spam software. So… play nice and you can get the most out of the site.

I’ll continue to be notified of all comments and will attempt to be responsive to them.

Happy commenting!



Posted: 30 March, 2007 at 1:34 PM

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