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22 May, 2008

21 Years In IT

I chanced upon a site listing the first 100 .com registrations ever made – and it rather startled me.  I started my IT career in 1987, first working as a printer operator on the mainframes at ICI, before moving to systems operations in at the beginning of 1988.  Later in 1988 I became a trainee […]

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17 January, 2008

Geek Joy!

One of the nicest things about modern tech is its ability to update itself. A while back my PVR overnight gave itself lots of lovely features. And today, my iPhone updated itself with some interesting new features when it went to version 1.1.3.

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7 June, 2007

Reducing Nokia N95 GPRS Map Charges

I’ve been thinking about buying a Nokia N95 – lovely looking phone. Anyway, thanks to the wonders of Norlog I’ve got hold of a document that helps you to make sure that if you want to use the Satellite Navigation you won’t get hit by heavy roaming charges. It describes how to set up the […]

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9 October, 2006

Migration Successful! Well…almost…

Incredible! I’ve just migrated the website across from the Yahoo server to our own server in the UK. Total outage time of less than half an hour. Incredible. Could have been better but Yahoo! don’t allow you to detach your domain from your hosting package without closing down your hosting. Still, it’s done now. The […]

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13 July, 2006

Resolving WordPress Migration Issue

I’m posting this for the benefit of anyone who experiences a similar problem to mine when moving WordPress from a directory into the web’s root directory. What happened was that many links and pictures, some placed in there by plugins, others simply links that were typed in, had failed. I realised that although I’d followed […]

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1 March, 2006

Shiny new things!

Well… kind of. You won’t see much difference, but I’ve just upgraded the software for the blog to v2.0.1 – in reality it makes the blog a fair bit easier for me to use, but won’t make much of a difference to you except that with a bit of luck you’ll see better updates. The […]

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