David Coveney

How I started in motorsport

I’ve been involved in motorsport since the end of 2002 after my inaugural sprint at New Brighton. Myself and my friend Gordon Holmes (a champion Autotester) set off in a pair of Golf GTIs with the aim of finishing approximately mid-field in our very standard, very ordinary cars.

It would have gone a lot better for me if I hadn’t clipped a kerb, dislodging the battery, which then bounced into the radiator and subsequently caused the car to overheat. A quick decision was made, and Gordon allowed me to borrow his car for the remaining runs. And that was the start. A year later I had an Elise, and then I accidentally took a corner off (thankfully with no chassis damage!) at the same track! Needless to say, New Brighton always makes me nervous these days – I’ve not suffered damage at any other circuit in the country. Yet!

We achieved what we set out to do, comparing well to experienced drivers in faster machinery. Gordon stuck to his Autotesting, while I set plans to compete in the regional sprint championships. I quickly established myself by becoming Novice Champion for 2003 in the ANWCC (North West) sprint championship. I’ve since gone on to take and hold the class record at Aintree, second overall in the Liverpool & Chester Championship. Although 2004 and 2005 were low-key due to other commitments, my aim is to attack the 2006 season with a little more determination and commitment. In the longer term I hope to take up circuit racing – at least for one season, and at a reasonably high level. If I don’t, I’ll never know for sure whether I had the potential to live up to my boyhood dreams.

I compete through the Liverpool Motor Club – a jolly nice bunch who organise the excellent Aintree sprints as well as other events in the North West.

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