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As many of you know, I’ve been working terribly hard with James (and now Jon) on building up the web design side of our company – Interconnect IT and it’s all coming along fine.

But I kept thinking… we need whizzy. Good, compatible, easy to use whizzy. Now there’s nowhere better to test these things out than on a personal blog. So this site has always been something of a testbed.

I’ve now added two new features and they’re testing out quite well:

Slightbox – a way of displaying images in a nice, modal window in front of the page content. Use the arrow keys or mouse clicks to go between images, and x to close.
Google Maps Mashup – locating posts geographically on a map. So you can see where I’ve been, or where a post relates to.

Both the above use some nice code, with almost no effort to get things working with this WordPress theme, provided by osCandy and Cyberhobo.

Everybody benefits from the people who do the hard work of writing and supporting GPL plugins – which are free to download and free to use. As a thank youto GPL, our company, which uses many GPL products, is planning to release some of our custom plugins which we use for clients, into the public domain. Could be interesting – it’ll be our first open releases ever!

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