David Coveney

The night before

Sunset from a planeI catch the plane at 9:20am. Preparations have been arduous.

I’ve been tipped off that a handy way of dealing with people hassling you for money is to say you don’t have enough, but instead offer a cigarette and a light. I’ll give feedback on this. Of course, carrying around boxes of fags with me could turn me into a forty a day nicotine addict, but I hope not.

Uhm – what else to say. I’m kind of waiting for my MP3 player to finish loading itself up. Damn slow thing – dunno what Philips were thinking of when they designed the interface. Remind me next time to get an Archos – it has a simpler design that doesn’t need special software. So I can change the contents easily wherever I am.

Right – all done! My next posting will be from Peru. Woo! Or maybe Newark airport if I’m bored and have the time….


Posted: 6 January, 2006 at 10:21 PM

jon says:

Dave! Enough with the navel gazing and get on to what the women look like and how much foreign ale you’ve consumed. Hope you’re well and the DVT socks did their job (I bet you bought some). Speak soon, Jon & Katherine x


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