David Coveney

New Spectacu.la Discussion Updates

My colleague James has been extending the threaded comments plugin that I use(d)* on this site.  It’s available from http://svn.wp-plugins.org/spectacula-threaded-comments/trunk for those of you with SVN clients, and for download and easy installation from WordPress.org and Spectacu.la within a few days.

If you wish to test it out, feel free to comment here…

It adds a quote button for content (try selecting some text here and see what happens!), an extending comment box, so if you like people to write long comments they’ll find it easier, and a quote button for comments.  These features all enhance the WordPress commenting engine and make it easier for your community to engage with you.

A proper release after final testing and updates is due in a few days.

* Still a good plugin that we use extensively – but on this site we designed something custom. Better that way.