David Coveney


All the posts below were written in August, 2007.

4 August, 2007

What Birds Are Saying

I must be having a creative spurt or something. Another one for b3ta. Oh, and ta to Douglas Adams for the original basis of the idea (I think it was in So Long and Thanks for all the Fish), and to my friend and colleague James Whitehead for additional inspiration.

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Maps of the World

Maps have always fascinated me – I can stand staring at them for hours. Or at least, minutes. Whether it’s a small map of the area, or something covering the whole globe. There’s a few in particular that stand out as interesting, partly for their political background, and others for their technical approach. The first […]

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2 August, 2007

Cuban bathrooms

Cuba has, shall we say, a more relaxed approach to electrical safety than some other countries. In part because it’s poor – good electrics are expensive – but also, I suspect, because of some ignorance and lackadaisical enforcement too. But I was still surprised to see this shower in our first B&B: I will say […]

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1 August, 2007

Anatomy of a Traffic Jam

I’ve just spent far far too long doing these two illustrations. The first shows a traffic jam that’s a problem, caused by people not using up all the road. The second shows what happens if the two self appointed guardians of the road move up a little, don’t block people, and if other road users […]

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