David Coveney


All the posts below were written in December, 2005.

20 December, 2005

Air Stewardesses

I learnt a long time ago that air stewardesses smile at me because they have to as part of their job, and not because they happen to fancy me. I know it’s hard for a guy, but so long as you remember this important fact and don’t get too carried away it will make your […]

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13 December, 2005

More preparation

I’m actually working on my fitness now. I realised that for things like the Inca Trail, as well as other stuff that might be fun to try like sand surfing, fitness will help. Thing is, I’ve realised that fitness is an elusive measure. Every time I’ve gone to the gym I’ve done the treadmill fitness […]

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3 December, 2005


Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking the yellow fever jab is trivial. It isn’t, it makes you feel f*cking awful! I thought maybe it was the effect of the wisdom tooth, but as the pain from that’s now subsiding I don’t think I can lay the blame on that. Now – given that it’s […]

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