David Coveney

Photoblog is No More!

I’ve removed the old photoblog now that I’ve gone over to a wider format for this theme – I previously set up the photoblog because I wanted to be able to have large images easily viewable by visitors.  However, I wasn’t really keep the site up to date this year due to time commitments.

How I looked a few years back... and yes, I'd found the hair dye.

How I looked a few years back… and yes, I’d found the hair dye.

In other words, it was just an extra ‘thing’ that was floating around.  I have enough of those, and it’s become time to have a tidy up.

The content’s still here, and I may even create a new category/section called photoblog which will be used for the same purpose.  Or then again, I may not :-)

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