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Loton Park Preparation

Loton Park - more fun than a box full of ferretsEvery year I look forward to Loton Park, down in Shropshire. And every year I worry about it! It’s a lovely hillclimb – scenic and great for spectators but there’s no denying that it’s not without dangers. Lots of people end up with damaged cars here.

I’ve decided not to trailer the car up as I’m incredibly busy at the moment and collecting the trailer and dropping it off, along with the loading up, will cost me an extra couple of hours that I can live without. Maybe I should park the trailer closer to home – it’s eight miles away right now :-(

So, it’s a calculated gamble. If I break the car I’ll end up having to make some panicky calls to friends in the hope they can bring the trailer down for me. Alternatively… I might just take the trailer after all. Could be peace of mind.

My biggest challenge will be to compete with Gary Thomas. So far he’s beaten me on both meetings this year, but at Aintree where, although I know the place well and have held the record, his power advantage really shines through. Loton’s a different proposition, with lots of technical corners and some difficult balls out sections.

While I’m at this I’m going to make a teensy weensy political statement. After reading the story of Atefah Sahaaleh, a 16 year old girl executed in Iran by a shariah court, I’ve decided to join Amnesty International. That I haven’t done so for so long is a guilt I have to deal with because the issues they fight against are ones close to my heart. Stories like this, where people with more interest in personal power and wealth than being humane are cheerfully sending people to their deaths. It does a disservice to Islam that it’s done in the name of their religion, and it does a disservice to the country which continues to refuse to separate the state and the religion.

Anyway, I shan’t carry on – this isn’t the place, so thank you for the indulgence.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to post a report on my outing at Loton Park immediately after but I’m hoping to be able to manage something. Actual results will be available at the Liverpool Motor Club website.

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