David Coveney

Aintree Sprint Video, September 2005

I’m afraid that due to issues with recoding some of my videos to this website’s flash player I’ve had to stick with the Google Video system for some videos.

In this one I set what, at the time, was up there amongst the fastest times at Aintree for a road going production car under two litres. Incredibly, within less than a year the record tumbled to the high 50s times – sadly not broken by me but by Gary Thomas while I trailed behind by a couple of tenths. I do, of course, intend to take that record back and make it my own once more!

One thing that’s noticeable in this video is the amount of work I had to do when hitting the bump at Becher’s. Since this was filmed I’ve changed my suspension geometry and ride heights and once I get a newer video onto the site you’ll be able to see that I have a much easier time of it.

Google Video was shut down, this video is no longer available.

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