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Cerrie Burnell – and unthinking parents

I keep thinking that I should cancel my Campaign for Actually Thinking*.

After all, nobody really cares what I say.  I’m just some guy, running a small web business.  I code a little (a very little these days) and I talk to people.  I carry little influence.  So it’s hard to motivate myself in the face of rampant stupidity, but this one really got me:

The sad story of parents objecting to a disabled TV presenter.

Cerrie Burnell accused of scaring children by bigoted parents.

Cerribe Burnell.  Look, she's lovely, OK?

Cerrie Burnell. Look, she’s lovely, OK? (pic lifted from a BBC site, hope they don’t mind…)

I’ve no idea if Ms Burnell is a great kids presenter or not, but chances are she can’t be bad if she’s got the job with CBeebies.  But that’s not the point.  And so what if her dodgy arm scares some kids – I’ve had one kid in tears at me because I had dark hair.  Little children can be scared of practically anything.  I used to be scared of the space under my bed.  Terrifying, it was.  To be honest, far less scary than an attractive blonde girl could ever be.

So, to the parents, bigots and dolts who complained about her… please, do us all a favour and go away and keep your opinions to your fellow BNP members.  Either that or try thinking for a change, but I suspect that’s not likely.

*name changes according to my mood.

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