David Coveney

Data Visualisation – and Me

I’ve always loved charts.

Yes.  I know.

But well drawn charts are always fascinating.  Now, combine a chart with what is sometimes my favourite subject, me, and maybe I could do something?

I’m often asked what I did, when.  And to be quite frank, I struggle.  Stuff’s based on various hazy memories such as “well I was wearing those pixie boots back then, so must have been 1985.”

I wondered if there was a really really simple way of visualising the key things I did in each year.  I reckon recent years are more important than those long ago.  And to signify my general decline a spiral is probably the best metaphor for my life.  SO…!  Here it is, what I did in my career, in it’s most primary elements.

I’d be really interested to know if this works for you, or if you think I’m just nobbing about.  Comments, please!

PS. I know that the resizing’s gorn and made it a bit soft, but life’s too short to fix that – it’s just an experiment.  Sorry.

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