David Coveney

I Like It Low

Monet Water Lillies

I couldn’t believe how big this guy’s paintings were. Seems that as he got older his eyesight deteriorated.  His solution?  Paint so that at least he could see what he was doing!

It may be a Warhol but I'm a cultural numpty


I believe this painting is by Andy Warhol.  But I’m culturally dumb, so can’t rely on my memory.  What I do know is that you’re not supposed to take photos in the MOMA without permission.  What I also know is that so long as your flash isn’t going off they let you dick around all day with a compact camera.  I’ve no idea whether the guards would object to an SLR.

Jackson Pollock at the MOMA


If you wanna see some Pollocks, it’s best to get low down.

I've no idea what this is, but it's at the MOMA


This may be art, or it may be architecture.  Anyone care to educate me?

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