David Coveney

Earthquake in Liverpool

When my bed shakes enthusiastically I tend to assume that something’s going well… but this time I was woken by the clatter of a radio wobbling on the sideboard at 1am this morning.

When you wake up to an earthquake you don’t really understand what’s happening at first. There’s a bit of noise as things move, and it’s rather odd to feel that all has gone wobbly. It lasted for about ten seconds, but there were no alarms going off, nothing crashing to the ground… as the tremors slowed I realised all was well. I went back to sleep before waking at around 3am. Curious, I ended up whipping out the phone and checking BBC News. Sure enough, the North East of England had been hit by a substantial quake measuring 4.3 (or 4.6 depending on the report at the moment) on the Richter scale.

This morning I wandered around the house checking for damage but there’s nothing visible – not even any new cracks in the plaster.

Would have been great to have been up St John’s tower though – bet the DJ’s had something to say!

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