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Videos are back!

Ok, it’s supposed to be video of the week… yet since Christmas I’ve not been updating this section. My Bad!

Now, I’m not about to go back to updating weekly. I’ve been busy, I’ve got trips planned, and it’s hard to update this section every single week unless some of you start sending me quality material!

But I enjoy trawling the netterweb and have come across some gems to share with you until normal service is resumed.

The Paris-Dakar rally isn’t the safest one in the world, even for photographers

Safety standards on track days have improved somewhat since the seventies. I especially loved the four-up driving in the Beetle Cabrio…

Streetluge shows that even if our beloved internal combustion engines are banned by green requirements we’ll still have ways to race. This video nicely explains what it’s all about although there’s a bit of overuse of words like dude, buddies, and the like but they’re American so you have to make allowances. I’m trying to find videos of the rather less slick Brazilian stuff I saw years ago – that was amazing. But for now:

Bike messengers are some of the most hardcore cyclists in the world. They ride day in, day out, in the busiest cities. They dodge between the traffic, pick up speed by grabbing onto trucks and cars… and they deliver stuff. Quickly. They may have a disrespect for the rules of the road, and even for pedestrians and other more sedates cyclists but you can only respect the skill of some of them. Sometimes they even arrange races:

Thanks for everyone’s patience while the site went quiet. There’ll be more soon.

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