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Migration Successful! Well…almost…

Incredible! I’ve just migrated the website across from the Yahoo server to our own server in the UK. Total outage time of less than half an hour. Incredible. Could have been better but Yahoo! don’t allow you to detach your domain from your hosting package without closing down your hosting. Still, it’s done now.

The key advantage should be that all users in Europe should see a dramatic improvement in performance. US users will see a bit of a slow-down. As visitors (nearly 5,000 a month now!) are spread around the globe it shouldn’t make much difference on average, but for me, the person who has to write the content, the site will be much quicker to use as I’m usually in Europe. Therefore updates should be just that little bit easier and quicker for me. Yay! I’m one very happy bunny….

Now to sort out the e-mail accounts. I just added the ‘almost’ bit to the headline as I’ve discovered that accented letters, and some commas, have been corrupted in the migration. Encoding issue somewhere, darn it. Bit of a case of the cobbler’s children here, because had I been doing this professionally it’s the kind of thing I’d have carefully checked for. But it’s my personal site, so of course I paid it no attention at all. Oh well! Some nifty SQL coming up, I think.

Test of tables with new editor
Good heavens!  It works Really quite well
Though sizing isn’t as easy as in Word It’s not bad

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