David Coveney

Iceland In Winter

I expected more ice, it has to be said.  I also packed my thermals and it turned out to be warmer than home.  But, I also know how bitterly cold it can get in countries like this in Winter even if the thermometer doesn’t show it as looking so bad – driving rain, strong winds and pervasive dampness can chill you to the bone where the same temperature on a sunny day in the Alps could feel positively balmy.

This was my 40th birthday present from Romana.  The hope had been to see the Northern Lights, something I always wanted to witness.  Sadly the weather and conditions meant it wasn’t to be.  But I still appreciated the trip and the unique experiences – it was a great gift!

I’m not going to extol the virtues of Iceland too much here – it’s a small country, with a rich culture and heritage.  It’s definitely one of those places worth visiting if you get the chance.

One note, though – I expected to be hungry, but it turns out there’s six vegetarian restaurants, and most (but not all, by any means) restaurants offered fairly decent vegetarian options.

PS – some pictures are rather grainy as I had to push the camera somewhat.  This is one dark country!

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