David Coveney

Live Threaded Commenting on WP

At Interconnect IT / Spectacu.la my colleague James has developed a new version of the popular Spectacu.la Threaded Comments plugin.  It’s not yet in release form, but you can grab it from the WordPress.org repository via svn if you know how at http://svn.wp-plugins.org/spectacula-threaded-comments/trunk/

I’m bringing it up here because I’ve decided to trial the plugin out here on my own site.  It was designed to work in conjunction with a webinars project, allowing visitors to have an active discussion, in real time, on a WordPress site.  It can be dropped into almost any theme, and adds nicely to the standard WP comments functionality.

Threaded comments are a powerful way to turn your WordPress site into a mini discussion forum.  Adding live commenting can now turn it into a chatroom full of ajaxey goodness.

Try it out below, if you like….