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28 December, 2007

Really Sorry

So it’s been a bit quiet on here of late.  In part it’s because of the extra work being put into the business and house of late.  I haven’t been sprinting so much, and I’ve been doing a lot of playing with technology. What blogging I have been doing has been on the A Liverpool […]

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4 November, 2007

Liverpool Web Designer

Just a little plug, really, to mention that if you’re interested in an unofficial, casual and behind-the-scenes look at the work we carry out at Interconnect IT, along with opinions on the market, head on over to the blog entitled Liverpool Web Designer. It’s hosted at WordPress.com a rather wonderful blogging site that lets you […]

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8 October, 2007

Web Design in Liverpool

As some of you may know – I work for, and for that matter, head up, a small web consultancy in Liverpool. The company’s Interconnect IT It’s a funny business, working the web. We know all sorts of cool stuff to make things work very well for clients, but persuading them of this is proving […]

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