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All the posts below were written in May, 2009.

25 May, 2009

mySQL Database Search & Replace With Serialized PHP [Updated]

Ever needed to migrate a database to a new server or website (especially with WordPress and other PHP applications) and been stuck because when you do a search and replace some of the data seems to get corrupted?

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20 May, 2009

Pure. Comedy. Gold. Jozin z Bazin

This is a glorious song about the Swamp Man Jozin… Ropey English subtitles below. It’s well worth watching throughout. Well, to me it is…

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12 May, 2009

Boo to MPs! Boo to Presenters!

MPs are getting it in the neck as a result of some of their more wild expenses claims. Lord Foulkes got very uppity.

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10 May, 2009


Nice is one of the playgrounds of the French Riviera – but it can look cold in Winter. Still a damn sight warmer than Liverpool, however…

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Vegetarians Are Plain Filthy

It never even occurred to me what Tofu really meant.  Now I do!  Storm in a teacup, but amused me nonetheless: Popped into the Campaign for Thinking, for obvious reasons. Thanks to Alison Classe who listed this on Cix.

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5 May, 2009

Slow Posting Performance in WordPress 2.7

An interesting problem today – WordPress posting on this site was sloooooow.  Some other back-end tasks were also incredibly slow. Adding a post or page would take about 30 to 60 seconds.  Unacceptable.  I did the usual job of deactivating plugins, and even resorted to a different theme for a few minutes but no, it […]

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Handy Tip for CSS Reloading

CSS not refreshing in the browser can be a pain – Mark Jaquith has come up with an elegant solution to this for WordPress coders.

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