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All the posts below were written in December, 2008.

31 December, 2008

Speed Limiting in Cars

As part one of my campaign to introduce the concept of actually thinking to UK media, pundits and government, I’m covering the nasty little idea of automatic speed limiters being introduced to cars – so that people can, basically, stop thinking about the speed they drive at. That’ll work…

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About the Campaign for Thinking

Introducing my personal, one man mini-crusade – the Campaign for Thinking. It’s going to be a scattered stream of consciousness thing. It might be good therapy for me. Who knows?

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28 December, 2008

Wardrobe For Sale

Yes really – feel the excitement of this slimline, 200x100x40 wardrobe. Oooh!

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9 December, 2008

Data Visualisation – and Me

I’ve always loved charts.

Yes. I know.

But well drawn charts are always fascinating. Now, combine a chart with what is sometimes my favourite subject, me, and maybe I could do something?

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7 December, 2008

Barcamp Liverpool 2008

I attended Barcamp Liverpool 2008 to join fellow geeks in a spot of technology appreciation at this ‘unconference’ at the CUC. Great venue, and great to be able to give an ad-hoc presentation on WordPress for News Sites in the Café

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4 December, 2008

Butterflies in Liverpool

Sometimes you see something so cute, cutting through the dreary, cold wetness, that you have to stop and take a few quick snaps.  There was nothing to say who did it, or why – but this is the kind of art I appreciate sometimes.  I hope it lasts.

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2 December, 2008

Now That’s Clever… The Riddle on an Oscilloscope

Ok – so I admit – I’m not only impressed by animation, I’m impressed by tech toys. And oscilloscopes have always been a source of fascination to geeks. Throw in a bit of nostalgia and look what I find…

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1 December, 2008

Spectacu.la, the New Design, and Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

Some of you may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated properly of late. Not much fresh content, no motorsport reports… in fact, not much at all. Here’s why…

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