David Coveney


All the posts below were written in January, 2008.

20 January, 2008

Stop Whinging and Learn to Drive

Sorry David Coulthard, but when I saw this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport/formula_one/7191512.stm I saw red.  I mean, apart from some of his astonishingly patronising comments directed towards younger drivers, he did nothing but confirm that his F1 career has been a long period of journeyman mistakes. His ability to spin off during warm up laps was once something […]

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17 January, 2008

Geek Joy!

One of the nicest things about modern tech is its ability to update itself. A while back my PVR overnight gave itself lots of lovely features. And today, my iPhone updated itself with some interesting new features when it went to version 1.1.3.

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1 January, 2008

Bless him…

2008 kinda started on a low today… We we’re doing a spot of leafleting for Romana’s French teaching today when I walked up one drive and saw a tabby sleeping near the back of a car. I dropped the leaflet off, walked back, but noticed the cat seemed rather still. So I went back, knocked […]

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