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All the posts below were written in October, 2006.

19 October, 2006

Anthony Gormley’s Another Place

Some of you may have heard of Anthony Gormley’s Another Place.  It’s a series of cast iron statues, of his own form.  100 of them, to be precise, spread over a large beach near Liverpool, in Crosby, and at the mouth of the Mersey.  These figures stand looking out to sea and are remarkably poignant.  […]

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17 October, 2006

God Save The Queen! (Petrol Sniffer Style)

No, we’re a patriotic bunch here in Blighty. Stiff upper lip and all that, what! But in motorsport we’re not known for our pomp. Just gets in the way of the Castrol, I say! However, in deference to our glorious yet ultimately powerless leader, something had to be done:

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15 October, 2006

What Happens at Your First Sprint or Hillclimb

The first event you ever do is a great experience. Don’t make yourself sick with worry, and ignore the people making fun of you and suggesting you’ll go out in a big ball of flames or similar! Accidents, in particular serious ones, are rare in sprints and hillclimbs, and if you take it easy while […]

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Sprint and Hillclimb Checklist

I thought that it would be useful to create a checklist of items that are essential for a Sprint or Hillclimb. If I’ve missed anything out, or you think there’s more to add, please let me know. Compulsory Items Race license Club and championship cards (less critical, usually, but technically compulsory) Race numbers Race suit […]

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Welcome to the Home Page of Obsessive Compulsives UK

Welcome to our site – it’s taken a lot of work to get this far and… …hang on, let me just check the site’s still up. Oh I’d better save this file just in case. Hang on. Right where was I? Oh yes, we’re trying to do a lot of work here to help folk […]

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9 October, 2006

Migration Successful! Well…almost…

Incredible! I’ve just migrated the website across from the Yahoo server to our own server in the UK. Total outage time of less than half an hour. Incredible. Could have been better but Yahoo! don’t allow you to detach your domain from your hosting package without closing down your hosting. Still, it’s done now. The […]

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6 October, 2006

Push me-Pull you

This is one that’s been sat on my hard disk for years, and I’m uploading it partly to supply it to someone on cix who’s asking for a higher quality version. So there’s a streamed version from the good people at Youtube, and a better one that’s linked to below which you can download and […]

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