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All the posts below were written in July, 2006.

30 July, 2006

Loton Park, 29th July 2006

Woke up this morning, looked outside, saw the sun… and just wanted to go back to sleep! Yep – I was shattered! I’d failed to get to sleep early, and then woke up with a start a few times. I don’t know why, but when I have an event on the next morning I wake […]

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27 July, 2006

Loton Park Preparation

Every year I look forward to Loton Park, down in Shropshire. And every year I worry about it! It’s a lovely hillclimb – scenic and great for spectators but there’s no denying that it’s not without dangers. Lots of people end up with damaged cars here. I’ve decided not to trailer the car up as […]

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17 July, 2006

Ouch – garage door dangers

If you don’t open your up and over door properly you can get hurt when you walk into the corner of it. Here’s a quick shot to show just how much – note that I’d already rinsed my head once and this was the bleeding quite a few minutes later. I wasn’t too happy. Being […]

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13 July, 2006

Site Issues

For viewing of videos, this site is at its best with the Firefox web browser. Safari, Konqueror and Epiphany should work well too but as this is a personal site testing is limited. If you want higher resolution wmv versions of the video files you can view them here.

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Resolving WordPress Migration Issue

I’m posting this for the benefit of anyone who experiences a similar problem to mine when moving WordPress from a directory into the web’s root directory. What happened was that many links and pictures, some placed in there by plugins, others simply links that were typed in, had failed. I realised that although I’d followed […]

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12 July, 2006

Competing in Your First Sprint or Hillclimb

I’m often asked by people how to start competing in sprinting, and the reality is fairly simple. This information also applies, by and large, to entering many other events which don’t require a special license – eg, trials, autotesting, navigation rallies and so on. First, find an event with a local club. In the North […]

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Aintree Circuit Trackday Video, May 2005

I’m afraid that due to issues with recoding some of my videos to this website’s flash player I’ve had to stick with the Google Video system for some videos, at least for the time being. A lap of the Aintree club circuit. It’s a classic little circuit in the old school format – ie, fast, […]

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Loton Park Hillclimb Video, July 2005

I’m afraid that due to issues with recoding some of my videos to this website’s flash player I’ve had to stick with the Google Video system for some videos, at least for the time being. A quick but not really that quick run up the classic Loton Park hillclimb course. It’s a real test of […]

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Aintree Sprint Video, September 2005

I’m afraid that due to issues with recoding some of my videos to this website’s flash player I’ve had to stick with the Google Video system for some videos. In this one I set what, at the time, was up there amongst the fastest times at Aintree for a road going production car under two […]

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Donington Park Trackday Video, November 2005

This one’s with thanks to the Goldtrack Driving Club who I do most of my trackdays with. Towards the end of the day I’d been improving my speed around the circuit when I spied a Ferrari 360 Competizione Stradale ahead, riding slicks, and going well. But I felt that with just that little effort I’d […]

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Gordon Holmes Demonstrating What Autotesting is All About

This video clip shows Gordon Holmes autotesting a Westfield. I believe Gordon’s got the most natural talent in the sport today – a good sponsor could really make a difference, I’m sure, and get him to the top of the national stage. Just leave a comment on here with the e-mail address filled in and […]

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11 July, 2006

Spinning a BMW Z3 M Coupé at Rockingham

The very first video posting on the new format website – a fine display of what can go wrong when you forget that a full fuel load will affect your car’s handling. I also learned that my reaction to narrowly missed disaster is to laugh about it….

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9 July, 2006

Up and coming events

Nothing now until 2007!  Maybe the odd track day….

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How to Get Started in Motorsport

Getting into motorsport isn’t especially difficult, expensive, or even all that time-consuming. Of course – there are a few things you need to sort out first: Access to a car of some description. Always handy. Any car will do – there’ll be a motorsport to suit, though levels of preparation and costs may vary. A […]

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How I started in motorsport

I’ve been involved in motorsport since the end of 2002 after my inaugural sprint at New Brighton. Myself and my friend Gordon Holmes (a champion Autotester) set off in a pair of Golf GTIs with the aim of finishing approximately mid-field in our very standard, very ordinary cars. It would have gone a lot better […]

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That Botfly Story You’ve Heard From Me 10 Times Already

In the Peruvian jungle, along the Amazon, lurk mosquitoes carrying botfly eggs. Nothing exotic ever happens to me on trips, so finally, something interesting to write about. I’ve highlighted this post because since I first wrote about it, this page has been visited by over 100,00 people… who are probably somewhat more scared of jungles than they were before.

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