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All the posts below were written in March, 2006.

22 March, 2006

More on my parasite story

Well, my friend Peter confirmed it with a dab of vaseline, some patience and good light. I have a botfly. I’ve done a separate page about it here.

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16 March, 2006

Ouchy Wouchy!

When someone says they want to see you at noon, your mind usually meanders to thoughts of lunches. A salad perhaps, or maybe some pasta. And a beer. Hmmmm… lovely lovely beer. Not Dr O’Dempsey. Nice bloke though he is, he had an ulterior motive. You see, since New York I noticed that a mosquito […]

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7 March, 2006

Currency exchange when travelling

I’ve often wondered about this – a lot of travellers take out traveller’s cheques or buy currency from their bank in advance. They often then exchange at banks when abroad. As a regular overseas traveller I always felt, but hadn’t really researched properly, that ATM’s and credit card transactions were best – in spite of […]

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1 March, 2006

Shiny new things!

Well… kind of. You won’t see much difference, but I’ve just upgraded the software for the blog to v2.0.1 – in reality it makes the blog a fair bit easier for me to use, but won’t make much of a difference to you except that with a bit of luck you’ll see better updates. The […]

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