David Coveney


All the posts below were written in January, 2006.

10 January, 2006


This was the primary reason for coming here! And hey, it rocked. As the bilingual service started I realised the priest had an obvious and clear Dublin accent. Turned out to be known to the extensive family network of John, the guy getting married. You could see a slight tenderness in John’s steps as he […]

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Right – this is a posting from Paracas. Not had much time to post, and even now I only have half an hour before I’m expected to rejoin the group. Not exactly pricey though – it’s 1 soles for half an hour, which adds up to the almighty cost of 16p. I’m coming to the […]

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7 January, 2006

Hotel Lost

Zgubilismy sie i to jak gupki. Wysiadajac z taksowki w pospiechu, nie wzielismy wizytowki i teraz siedzimy w kafejce szukajac adresu naszego hotelu. When a large group goes out together it’s inevitable that the group splits into small units. Myself and Romana went off in search of a backpack but neither of us checked if […]

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4 January, 2006

The night before

I catch the plane at 9:20am. Preparations have been arduous. I’ve been tipped off that a handy way of dealing with people hassling you for money is to say you don’t have enough, but instead offer a cigarette and a light. I’ll give feedback on this. Of course, carrying around boxes of fags with me […]

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