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20 October, 2007

Are Muslims the New Jews?

A lot of the Middle East is progressive, modern and sophisticated. You have freedoms and rights, life is good and so on. Yet some selective reporting does a fair bit of damage to the image we have of them. If you saw such selective views of the West, we wouldn’t look good either.I was a […]

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8 October, 2007

Web Design in Liverpool

As some of you may know – I work for, and for that matter, head up, a small web consultancy in Liverpool. The company’s Interconnect IT It’s a funny business, working the web. We know all sorts of cool stuff to make things work very well for clients, but persuading them of this is proving […]

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3 October, 2007

Interconnect IT

Ok, so you’ll see a new category now under the Asides category. That of ‘The Company.’ And what’s it going to be about? Well, it’s going to cover the tribulations, stresses and joys of building up our web design company, Interconnect IT. The updates won’t necessarily be regular, lucid or sane, but they might be […]

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2 October, 2007

Halton Bathrooms

So – the experiment worked. I’m now second on any Google search for Halton Bathrooms. And front page for Widnes and Runcorn Bathroom searches. So what does this mean? Well it shows the power of a:having what’s considered a trusted site with no spam, a long history, and plenty of content and b:the benefit of […]

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25 September, 2007

Badminton Near Warrington

I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that having a web presence is free and simple, and doesn’t need to be opaque to the search engines. It can be standards compliant, easy to find, and well structured. You can change the content as and when you like. You can add pictures and so on. And it’s […]

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4 August, 2007

What Birds Are Saying

I must be having a creative spurt or something. Another one for b3ta. Oh, and ta to Douglas Adams for the original basis of the idea (I think it was in So Long and Thanks for all the Fish), and to my friend and colleague James Whitehead for additional inspiration.

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Maps of the World

Maps have always fascinated me – I can stand staring at them for hours. Or at least, minutes. Whether it’s a small map of the area, or something covering the whole globe. There’s a few in particular that stand out as interesting, partly for their political background, and others for their technical approach. The first […]

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1 August, 2007

Anatomy of a Traffic Jam

I’ve just spent far far too long doing these two illustrations. The first shows a traffic jam that’s a problem, caused by people not using up all the road. The second shows what happens if the two self appointed guardians of the road move up a little, don’t block people, and if other road users […]

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29 July, 2007

Being a b3tard…

I have a thing about the b3ta.com site. It keeps me tickled in those quiet moments. The fact they mentioned my botfly incident in their newsletter meant this site’s traffic and ranking improved a fair bit for a while, and occassionally I post answers to the question of the week spot. A couple have made […]

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28 May, 2007

New things and more

As many of you know, I’ve been working terribly hard with James (and now Jon) on building up the web design side of our company – Interconnect IT and it’s all coming along fine. But I kept thinking… we need whizzy. Good, compatible, easy to use whizzy. Now there’s nowhere better to test these things […]

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19 March, 2007

Transport in Cuba

Transport anywhere in what can be considered a third world country is quite a challenge to anyone used to online booking of easyJet flights. But… if you’ve arrived with Western wealth then it’s never going to be all that bad either. I mean for sure, your chances of arriving on time are little better than […]

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27 February, 2007

Bye bye to the Heart & Soul, Liverpool

It’s not the kind of post I normally do, but on the 17th of February the Heart & Soul restaurant had to close. So in her own style Chumki threw a closing-down party and lots of us arrived for a night of music, beer and chaos.

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5 January, 2007

Hello 2007, Goodbye 2006

Another year arrives! Woo! Of course, it’s quite predictable, although what happens each year never follows any logic or sense. I share only a little about myself online, but let’s say that 2006 was probably a year which, for me, could have become pivotal for so many reasons. Experiences which I’ll never forget, such as […]

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25 December, 2006

Merry Christmas

It’s the season of goodwill, cheer and togetherness. Take the time, if you can, to remember solitary neighbours, family and friends and make sure they have some company this year. In parts of Eastern Europe there’s a tradition of keeping one place empty and ready at the dinner table for the lost traveller. A great […]

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13 November, 2006

Comments Change

As a result of the increasing number of comments coming in, and being increasingly busy myself, I’ve decided that I’ll no longer manually manage comments to entries on this site. A lot of the comments were spam – comment spam as it’s known. Sometimes as many as fifty in a day. These spammers will, I […]

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7 November, 2006

Showing how easy it is to do what Autotrader do…

Autotrader sell websites for free, if you sell enough vans through them, but the design isn’t great and you can integrate your shop quite easily anyway… look:

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15 October, 2006

Welcome to the Home Page of Obsessive Compulsives UK

Welcome to our site – it’s taken a lot of work to get this far and… …hang on, let me just check the site’s still up. Oh I’d better save this file just in case. Hang on. Right where was I? Oh yes, we’re trying to do a lot of work here to help folk […]

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9 October, 2006

Migration Successful! Well…almost…

Incredible! I’ve just migrated the website across from the Yahoo server to our own server in the UK. Total outage time of less than half an hour. Incredible. Could have been better but Yahoo! don’t allow you to detach your domain from your hosting package without closing down your hosting. Still, it’s done now. The […]

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13 July, 2006

Site Issues

For viewing of videos, this site is at its best with the Firefox web browser. Safari, Konqueror and Epiphany should work well too but as this is a personal site testing is limited. If you want higher resolution wmv versions of the video files you can view them here.

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9 July, 2006

Up and coming events

Nothing now until 2007!  Maybe the odd track day….

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7 November, 2005


Hi there – well, where do I start? Let’s just say this isn’t intended to be a daily blog or journal of my life. I really really don’t think that what I do is quite that interesting. If I start posting up anything that says “Not done much today, had a drink with Roger and […]

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