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7 June, 2009

Crazy European Sports To Try This Summer

Europeans are considered to be the best educated, most sophisticated people on the planet. They also like diving into bogs, throwing tomatoes at one another, and chasing cheese.

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20 May, 2009

Pure. Comedy. Gold. Jozin z Bazin

This is a glorious song about the Swamp Man Jozin… Ropey English subtitles below. It’s well worth watching throughout. Well, to me it is…

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10 May, 2009

Vegetarians Are Plain Filthy

It never even occurred to me what Tofu really meant.  Now I do!  Storm in a teacup, but amused me nonetheless: Popped into the Campaign for Thinking, for obvious reasons. Thanks to Alison Classe who listed this on Cix.

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10 March, 2009

Tim Ferriss and why I don’t like his emotional blackmail

I appreciate, right away, that by writing about Tim Ferriss I’m going to give him the oxygen of publicity. And what follows may just be a small-minded rant. I don’t know – feel free to tell me if I’m wrong by commenting….

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2 March, 2009

Wordcamp UK 2009 to be in Cardiff

If you’re following the various WordCamp lists, you’ll already know about this event.  But many won’t. If you use WordPress professionally, or with a great deal of enthusiasm, WordCamps are a great way to meet with other users, developers and designers who really understand the system.  There are useful presentations, social events and activities based […]

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27 January, 2009

Wordcamp UK 2009 to Liverpool?

Well, we’re going to try!  WordCamp is a small, informal conference all about WordPress and its people. Wordcamp UK 2008 was held in Birmingham last year.  The current list of nominated venues are in Liverpool, Cardiff and London.  Read the pdf attached below, and see what you think.  Feedback would be great, but if you […]

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26 January, 2009

Microsoft OneNote

At the risk of sounding like an MS Fanboi, I thought I’d bring up Microsoft Office OneNote. I’ve been using this package for general note-taking for some time now, and I’m finding it to be an incredibly useful piece of software. Thing is – it’s quite hard to explain. It’s a freeform note taking application, […]

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16 January, 2009

10 Things That Will Make No Difference Whatsoever To Your Blog’s Success

Blah blah blah fascinating introduction blah blah read this blah blah simple list, should only take a few minutes blah blah oh come ON you swines… just click on the link, OK?!

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13 January, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions for Greater Productivity

I don’t talk much about business on this blog, but I’ve decided to share what I’m doing to increase my productivity at work. So far these changes are making a great deal of difference.

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9 December, 2008

Data Visualisation – and Me

I’ve always loved charts.

Yes. I know.

But well drawn charts are always fascinating. Now, combine a chart with what is sometimes my favourite subject, me, and maybe I could do something?

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7 December, 2008

Barcamp Liverpool 2008

I attended Barcamp Liverpool 2008 to join fellow geeks in a spot of technology appreciation at this ‘unconference’ at the CUC. Great venue, and great to be able to give an ad-hoc presentation on WordPress for News Sites in the Café

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1 December, 2008

Spectacu.la, the New Design, and Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

Some of you may have noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated properly of late. Not much fresh content, no motorsport reports… in fact, not much at all. Here’s why…

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17 October, 2008

Hang on a sec…

Seen in Sainsbury’s…

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So I see some smart suits entering a door around the corner and that just drew my attention to the small nameplate…

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5 June, 2008

Rise of the Bland Statement

I was reading a BBC News article about a teenager who was stabbed and nearly killed. Horrific enough in its own right, but it was the following comment by the Metropolitan Police that annoyed me: “We take any crime reported to us seriously and we will investigate everything fully.” Here was a young man, nearly […]

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27 March, 2008

He Used to Look So Babyfaced

Poor old Pete Doherty – drugs, partying and too many pies seem to have taken their toll. He used to look so babyfaced…

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27 February, 2008

Earthquake in Liverpool

When my bed shakes enthusiastically I tend to assume that something’s going well… but this time I was woken by the clatter of a radio wobbling on the sideboard at 1am this morning. When you wake up to an earthquake you don’t really understand what’s happening at first. There’s a bit of noise as things […]

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1 January, 2008

Bless him…

2008 kinda started on a low today… We we’re doing a spot of leafleting for Romana’s French teaching today when I walked up one drive and saw a tabby sleeping near the back of a car. I dropped the leaflet off, walked back, but noticed the cat seemed rather still. So I went back, knocked […]

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28 December, 2007

Really Sorry

So it’s been a bit quiet on here of late.  In part it’s because of the extra work being put into the business and house of late.  I haven’t been sprinting so much, and I’ve been doing a lot of playing with technology. What blogging I have been doing has been on the A Liverpool […]

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18 November, 2007

So now I’m on Facebook I Want a Blog Connection…

It makes sense, if you think about it – why duplicate data in two places? So in went the Wordbook plugin for WordPress, and then the Facebook application onto my profile. This post, really, is to see if it’s a success – does my blog here appear in my profile? And so it does! Woo! […]

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4 November, 2007

Liverpool Web Designer

Just a little plug, really, to mention that if you’re interested in an unofficial, casual and behind-the-scenes look at the work we carry out at Interconnect IT, along with opinions on the market, head on over to the blog entitled Liverpool Web Designer. It’s hosted at WordPress.com a rather wonderful blogging site that lets you […]

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20 October, 2007

Are Muslims the New Jews?

A lot of the Middle East is progressive, modern and sophisticated. You have freedoms and rights, life is good and so on. Yet some selective reporting does a fair bit of damage to the image we have of them. If you saw such selective views of the West, we wouldn’t look good either.I was a […]

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