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19 July, 2011

Into the Sea!

Last month we enjoyed a number of visitors.  One family to come were Adrian and Ania, Igor and Mikolaj – this is great for Conrad as he loves other children, with Igor being four years and Mikoaj nine months old. In fact, it’s hard to describe the delight from Conrad when he’s got a four […]

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15 November, 2010

Paris 2010 – avec bébé

Our first overseas trip as a complete family had to be postponed due to the problems with my father.  This time, there were no problems.  At least, not at the beginning! We decided to visit Paris in order to catch up with our friends there.  Romana and I both lived there, her for years, and […]

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12 May, 2010


Welcome to our life, little fella.  It’s a wonderful world, and it’s a scary world.  Your future is our adventure. At 11:53am, after a ridiculously short labour, you were born and burst into our world.  It wasn’t entirely easy, thanks to somehow tangling yourself up in your own umbilical cord, but you made it, were […]

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