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19 July, 2011

Into the Sea!

Last month we enjoyed a number of visitors.  One family to come were Adrian and Ania, Igor and Mikolaj – this is great for Conrad as he loves other children, with Igor being four years and Mikoaj nine months old. In fact, it’s hard to describe the delight from Conrad when he’s got a four […]

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16 October, 2010

Conrad at Five Months

Usually on Saturday mornings I take Conrad down and let Romana have a bit of a lie-in.  No exception today. Just in case he had some literary success in the coming months I thought it would be a good time to take some shots of him for the cover.  You never know.

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26 September, 2010

Peru, Chile & Bolivia Gallery

A gallery of some of my favourite in-camera images from Peru, Chile and Bolivia a few weeks ago.  They’re not necessarily strong photos or selected as such – just photos I myself enjoy.  I have more, but they either need tweaking (straightening horizons, etc) or some real work to bring out the best.  I’ll post […]

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12 September, 2010

Dogs of San Pedro

I had an afternoon to kill, prior to heading back towards Arica.  So what’s a boy to do?  Well in my case I wondered around the village taking pictures of anything that caught my fancy.  But one possible theme leapt out at me – the many dogs around the streets would make a lovely topic […]

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29 August, 2010

Pictures of Arica

Just a quick gallery showing pictures I’ve taken over the past few days in Arica. My only disappointment is that I’m still failing to get focus perfect on wide apertures and autofocus gets itself mixed up – so some otherwise great pictures aren’t usable at large sizes.  I’ve just discovered that you can get a […]

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8 July, 2010

Conrad… two months and how time flies!

It’s hard to believe that Conrad will be two months old in a few days.  It feels like the time has flown by.  It hasn’t helped that I’ve also been monumentally busy at work where we’ve hired two new people since around when he was born – that can keep you on your toes. So, […]

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6 June, 2010

More Conrad – Three and a half weeks in…

Because everyone keeps asking for new pictures and news I’m posting some more :-) So, the little fella’s growing nicely – according to our own scales he’s now reached 4Kg, is about 58cm tall (long?) and is a complete glutton for milk!  He’s had a period of very windy, fussy behaviour, but he’s settled down […]

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5 May, 2008

Photos From the Aintree Spring Sprint 2008

I’m not going to be challenging for anything much this year, but on April 26th I ambled along to the Aintree Spring Sprint and took some snaps. A selection of them are available here. Use them as you like, but don’t remove the tag. If you’d like to receive a higher quality image, just let […]

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