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7 October, 2012

Kolya’s First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kolya! We threw a party to celebrate.  The books all advise you keep 1st birthdays to just a few people.  Advice we cheerfully ignored for Conrad, and now Kolya… Thankfully the weather stayed nice, so we were able to open up the doors to the garden and spread out a little.  Kids playing […]

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6 April, 2012

Conrad Reaches The Terrible Twos, Kolya Watches On

Hey – it’s been a bit slow on the updates front, hasn’t it? I know family in Poland and Spain are itching to find out how the two little ones are getting on. Us two oldies, Mum and Dad, almost forgotten! Heheh… But hey, the kids are the funniest in the house, so I can […]

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30 October, 2011

Three and a Half Weeks of Kolya

I’m sitting here in the lounge, at 6am, with my laptop open. Two things to note here – once upon a time 6am was more of a going to bed time than a getting out of bed time, and actually it’s really like 7am because the clocks went back an hour last night. But I’ve […]

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7 October, 2011

Hello, Kolya Coveney

After a couple of false starts, we left in a hurry for the hospital on Wednesday night. Less than three hours later, at 00:23hrs on the 6th of October 2011, our gorgeous new son Kolya was born. At 3.6kg, 55cm and with a head circumference of 35cm he’s a tad heavier than Conrad, but the […]

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