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6 April, 2012

Conrad Reaches The Terrible Twos, Kolya Watches On

Hey – it’s been a bit slow on the updates front, hasn’t it? I know family in Poland and Spain are itching to find out how the two little ones are getting on. Us two oldies, Mum and Dad, almost forgotten! Heheh… But hey, the kids are the funniest in the house, so I can […]

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28 August, 2010

The Story of Juanito

Here’s something… a smiling, happy and charming man who knew my father in Arica, lives just around the corner from the hotel I’m staying at. He actually lives in the cabin that guards a car park.  Just him.  He’s been married twice, I believe, but that’s all I know. So how can I tell his […]

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12 May, 2010


Welcome to our life, little fella.  It’s a wonderful world, and it’s a scary world.  Your future is our adventure. At 11:53am, after a ridiculously short labour, you were born and burst into our world.  It wasn’t entirely easy, thanks to somehow tangling yourself up in your own umbilical cord, but you made it, were […]

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