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6 April, 2012

Conrad Reaches The Terrible Twos, Kolya Watches On

Hey – it’s been a bit slow on the updates front, hasn’t it? I know family in Poland and Spain are itching to find out how the two little ones are getting on. Us two oldies, Mum and Dad, almost forgotten! Heheh… But hey, the kids are the funniest in the house, so I can […]

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30 October, 2011

Three and a Half Weeks of Kolya

I’m sitting here in the lounge, at 6am, with my laptop open. Two things to note here – once upon a time 6am was more of a going to bed time than a getting out of bed time, and actually it’s really like 7am because the clocks went back an hour last night. But I’ve […]

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7 October, 2011

Hello, Kolya Coveney

After a couple of false starts, we left in a hurry for the hospital on Wednesday night. Less than three hours later, at 00:23hrs on the 6th of October 2011, our gorgeous new son Kolya was born. At 3.6kg, 55cm and with a head circumference of 35cm he’s a tad heavier than Conrad, but the […]

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20 September, 2011

In the Forest

Conrad and I decided that a walk in the forest would be an interesting change. Obviously, being his first time there, it was an interesting one for him, with the new smells, tricky forest floor and odd noises. He loved it! I forgot my camera, so all shots were taken on my phone – apologies […]

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19 July, 2011

Into the Sea!

Last month we enjoyed a number of visitors.  One family to come were Adrian and Ania, Igor and Mikolaj – this is great for Conrad as he loves other children, with Igor being four years and Mikoaj nine months old. In fact, it’s hard to describe the delight from Conrad when he’s got a four […]

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22 June, 2011

Walking, Not Quite Talking, Conrad

Conrad’s now 13 months old, yet it feels like only yesterday that I came home from the hospital the night of his birth, sat down, and shared those first pictures. I’m posting this tired, so I’ll say little and just share some recent photos:

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9 April, 2011

Conrad at Nearly 11 Months

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since we got to welcome Conrad into the world.  In that time he’s grown from a tiny newbie into a crawling, climbing trouble seeking charmer. Obviously, every parent believes their child has unique qualities whilst also being the most beautiful in the world, so I […]

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18 February, 2011

Yummy Yummy!

All I did was say “yummy yummy” on every mouthful of food, and he started laughing like mad.  By the time I did this video he’d long finished his dinner, so I just carried on…

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2 February, 2011

First Xmas for Conrad, and More!

OK! OK! Enough already – we’re getting lots of requests for fresh pictures of Conrad.  And we don’t like to disappoint. Here’s a set from the past two months – enjoy!

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31 December, 2010

2010 – Ups and Downs

August.  I was sitting in a taxi.  To my left, in the back of the taxi, the Honorary Consul to Arica – a wonderful man called Joaquin Alvarez.  Behind me, receding into the distance, was what, until about six weeks earlier, was my father’s favourite bar and pool hall. In front of me, in terms […]

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