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23 October, 2010

Conrad Turns Evil

Yes yes, this may well look like a sweet and innocent wee child to you. But trust me… read on and you’ll see…

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6 June, 2010

More Conrad – Three and a half weeks in…

Because everyone keeps asking for new pictures and news I’m posting some more :-) So, the little fella’s growing nicely – according to our own scales he’s now reached 4Kg, is about 58cm tall (long?) and is a complete glutton for milk!  He’s had a period of very windy, fussy behaviour, but he’s settled down […]

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19 May, 2010

Conrad, 6 days later

So, latest updates for those who’ve been calling for more pictures and more news! Conrad is a fine little fella with a genuinely impressive range of cries, one is the air-raid siren, starting quiet and low and, with a constant tone, rising to a good old level and then dropping only when his lungs have […]

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12 May, 2010


Welcome to our life, little fella.  It’s a wonderful world, and it’s a scary world.  Your future is our adventure. At 11:53am, after a ridiculously short labour, you were born and burst into our world.  It wasn’t entirely easy, thanks to somehow tangling yourself up in your own umbilical cord, but you made it, were […]

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