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All the posts below were written in April, 2013.

22 April, 2013

Muddy cuddles!

When it’s been raining Conrad spots the opportunity to jump into what he calls ‘muddy cuddles.’ Kolya simply joins in. Here’s a few pics from the other day that I enjoyed.

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2 April, 2013

Twitter is about to die. Here’s why.

Something odd has started to happen on Twitter for me, and it’s cutting my usage of it down quite dramatically. Why? It’s because it seems the spammers are winning… @majorie6474 @davecoveney haha you bite so easy Toye :P Actually my mac is arriving tomorrow :P — Nick Hanson (@nrhansonp) April 2, 2013 @prestonrupemo @davecoveney haha […]

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1 April, 2013

Easter 2013

We’ve not had many trips away lately, so it was¬†lovely to get away with our friends to Centre Parcs for the long Easter Weekend. The children loved it, though they’re still so young that they don’t appreciate everything that’s on offer. No rock climbing for them yet! Pictures are for friends and family to see, […]

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