David Coveney


All the posts below were written in July, 2012.

23 July, 2012

How to Break Kids, in 35 Simple Steps

I just came across this article on BBC News – Foster care: The boy who lived at 35 addresses. Through my own experience of unofficial fostering and being moved around (thanks, Dad) often at short notice and with little in the way of genuine explanation, I arrived at the age of 13 with little in […]

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18 July, 2012

It’s OK, Coming Second Isn’t So Bad

One of the lessons I’ve learned, from motorsport and life in general, is that coming second is actually OK. You’re brought up in school to believe that winning is important. Anything else is being a loser. Well, they’re wrong. The minute you learn to accept that you win by being the best that you can […]

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