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26 December, 2012

The aesthetic of a toddler represented through his photography

Conrad’s been fascinated with my cameras since he’d just turned a year old. They were strictly off limits until recently when at 30 months old he’s responsible enough to be just about trusted with a compact camera. So – off he toddled with my oldish Lumix LX3. Unfortunately, the camera is still useful enough to […]

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11 November, 2012

Microsoft Surface RT Review

I don’t like to give product reviews. The professionals should do a better job than I would, but rarely seem to, and individuals often fail to see past their glee at getting a shiny thing that will almost inevitably be compared to something outdated which they’ve just replaced. The good thing about working in web […]

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24 October, 2012

This Is The End Of Publishing…

I work a lot with the publishing industry, so I found this a fascinating video. It’s a different take on what it is to publish today. I wouldn’t normally post something like this on my blog as generally these days I like to stick to content I’ve been involved in creating, but given where my […]

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7 October, 2012

Kolya’s First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kolya! We threw a party to celebrate.  The books all advise you keep 1st birthdays to just a few people.  Advice we cheerfully ignored for Conrad, and now Kolya… Thankfully the weather stayed nice, so we were able to open up the doors to the garden and spread out a little.  Kids playing […]

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5 October, 2012

What It’s Like to Dine Out When You’re Veggie

Imagine, you arrive at the restaurant. It’s slick, it’s luscious. Wonderful smells assault your nose. You’re hungry. Very hungry. This is going to be great! So, you sit down, the waiter comes over.  Oddly, he doesn’t hand you a menu.  Instead, he decides to tell you what you can eat. “Tonight, for starters, you can […]

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1 September, 2012

In Love With My Kids

I’m not going to say much, but I’ll just pop a gallery here of some recent shots of my two beautiful children.  I’m in love with them.  I can’t stop thinking about them.  Everything else comes second. Doesn’t mean they don’t wind me up sometimes, of course…

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23 July, 2012

How to Break Kids, in 35 Simple Steps

I just came across this article on BBC News – Foster care: The boy who lived at 35 addresses. Through my own experience of unofficial fostering and being moved around (thanks, Dad) often at short notice and with little in the way of genuine explanation, I arrived at the age of 13 with little in […]

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18 July, 2012

It’s OK, Coming Second Isn’t So Bad

One of the lessons I’ve learned, from motorsport and life in general, is that coming second is actually OK. You’re brought up in school to believe that winning is important. Anything else is being a loser. Well, they’re wrong. The minute you learn to accept that you win by being the best that you can […]

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6 April, 2012

Conrad Reaches The Terrible Twos, Kolya Watches On

Hey – it’s been a bit slow on the updates front, hasn’t it? I know family in Poland and Spain are itching to find out how the two little ones are getting on. Us two oldies, Mum and Dad, almost forgotten! Heheh… But hey, the kids are the funniest in the house, so I can […]

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