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In 10 years, 3 months and 18 days there have been 264 posts written on this site. There are 395 tags attached to them, and they have been sorted into 23 categories.

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  • Asides (69)

    Stuff that's little and doesn't fit anywhere else.

    • The Company (11)

      A place for me to vent and relax, talking about our company in a casual form.

  • Campaign for Thinking (13)

    Parent category for the Campaign for Thinking

  • Conferences (4)

    I sometimes attend conferences. Very rarely I blog about it.

  • Friends and Family (43)

    A bit of personal stuff, but not that much I hope.

    • Dad (13)

      Stories about Dad.

  • Motorsport (36)

    Fact (and possibly some fiction) from my motorsport events.

  • Stuff I'm Selling (3)

    I might have something nice to sell...

  • Technical (25)

    Geek-out zone!

    • IT (3)

      The industry that's kept me in beer money since 1987.

    • WordPress (12)

      Building sites on WP is what we do at work.

  • Travel (78)

    Travel logs - each major trip will be split into its own category.

    • Asia (1)

      My travel in Asia is woefully sparse - may improve with time.

    • Caribbean (3)

      Travel stories and information from the Caribbean

    • Europe (10)

      Articles and Information from around Europe - including UK

    • Mexico (3)

      What happened in Mexico...

    • North America (3)

      What goes in North America, goes here.

    • South America (54)

      The place I keep going to, and will continue to go to. It's ace.

  • Uncategorized (3)

    Nothing should end up here, but sometimes, it does.

  • Video of the Week (22)

    For a very short while I posted videos up weekly. Lost enthusiasm, but still used sometimes.

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